Sunday, February 06, 2005

Pitch, Roll and Yaw

Long I have had a dream to fly, and that seemed to come live when I boarded a British concorde, sat in a cockpit of hornet, studied the SR-71 'BlackBird', took up the air trafic controls and flew in a real flight simulator all here at The Museum of Flights in Seattle.

Museum of flights is one of the largest aircraft museum in the world. It is run by an not for profit organisation and is funded by Boeing. It has on display around 100 aircrafts which portrays the entire history of aviation from gliders to supersonic combat aircrafts. Apart from the aircrafts, it has a huge collection of aircraft related artifacts and a spacious library.

The 'Red Barn' is the factory where boeing first started manufaturing it's aircrafts. The original building structure is now part of the museum of flights.On display in the Red Barn are the early flights and the story of how wright brothers first invented the aircraft. This section displays numerous paintings,pictures, models and writings of the first Aeronautical engineers(The Wright brothers).

The world wars are among few of the black events in the history that no one would want to remember, but they were a boon for aircraft industry and was the golden period of Aviation. I wonder if the aircraft industry would have grown as much as it has,had there not been the Wars. This development of the industry during the wars and the stories of world war warriors comes to life in the personal courage section of the museum. It displays dozens of world war aircrafts,everything from biplanes to triplanes to monoplanes. It also has 2 theatres which screens videos of the world war heros.

'The great gallery' is a section of the museum that displays the developments in aviation after the world wars. On display in this section of the museum are about 30 aircrafts, the prime of which being the SR-71 'Blackbird' the fastest manned aricraft built till date(Mach 3), Advanced F4 fighters and the Rugged MIGs. This section has 2 advanced flight simulators for the visitors to experience flying a fighter aircraft. It is truely awesome! This section also has the Cockpit of fighter aifcraft, Hornet-18 open to the public.

The other 2 prized possesion of the museum are the british Concorde and the first Air Force One. Being on board in concorde and the air force one is quite an experience. Concorde is beautiful to look at but it is so sleek that it is even difficult to walk inside it. Why on earth would one build such an aircraft!

The Air traffic control tower in the museum is probably the only tower in the world where visitors are given access. Air traffic controllers are like traffic signals in the sky regulating the movement of airplanes. This exhibit makes one aware about the rules, highways and super highways of the sky! It is a great learning experience.

No museum is complete with out its live exhibits which allows you to experiment and learn.The Flight zone of the the museum just does this. It has models that allows one to understand the priciples of flight. It mainly concentrates on the 3 motions of an aircraft namely the Pitch, Roll and Yaw. It also has few exhibits which describe the various controls in an aircraft.

The museum is definately a must see for any visitor to the region.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Chanda Mama

It was a cold winter night and i was sleeping holding my blanket tight. It Must have beeen around 3 or 4 A.M. Suddenly there was a strike on my legs and I woke up only to find my room mate lying next to me ,holding a high resolution digital camera in his hands! He was taking pictures of the moon through my bedroom window. I turned around and peeped through the window to have a glance of the Moon. It was majestic in it's appearance and looked brighter than i had ever seen it before. It was a spectacle which still remains fresh in my eyes. Still i turned to my room mate and carelessly said "what's wrong with you? why don't you sleep?" and went back to sleep. He was calm and and chose not to reply to this. I woke up in the morning and gave this incident a thought. I couldn't understand why was hiding myself(though i had liked the spectacle) and as to why i reacted the way i did? Was it my laziness or was it my desire for material comforts that i chose sleep to nature? I don't know.

It's been 2 weeks since then and now every day morning i look at the magnificient moon, aprreciate it's splendor and say to myself how stupid i was that night!

Friday, February 04, 2005

Cleavage,Belly.. What next?

I came accross a news item few days ago which read 'Cleavage for Hire for 15 days'. A lady was auctioning advertisement space on her cleavage in an auction site. I was a bit surprised and thought of this to be an odd event but today again i read this article about a lady who was auctioning advertisement space on her Pregnent Belly! and more to this she had takers of the space for $4000 ! This has certainly made me think what's gonna be next?

Thursday, January 13, 2005

What is in the Name?

Signing up a blog account at bloggers was real easy. But naming it was not ! Had to give atleast 30 tries before hitting the current one. Each time the system prompted that the Id was not available, I felt how late I was..and felt a little frustrated too. But each unavailable message also brought a sense of joy as it showed the size of the blogging community that i was about to join.